Organic Dark Choclate

What they're saying about MarcieSweets

“MarcieSweets is an amazing mix of sweet treats and environmental Mix is my favorite."

~ Jeff Gelder, President – GelderHead Audio Productions,
on-air talent 96.5 KyXy fm


"Chocolate lovers rejoice! MarcieSweets chocolates are regal in the realm of vegan chocolates. Among the popular are the Mix, which contains chocolate chips, almonds and raisins, and The Secret, which is a mix of chocolate, macadamia nuts and raisins. The best part about MarcieSweets is that all of its products are not only organic, but also direct trade."

~ 944 Magazine, April 2007


"The pleasure of my Mother's Day gift lingers with each bite of deep, dark MarcieSweets chocolate...The basket alone is a lovely work of art, but filled with only delicious, quality products and topped with the beautiful ribbon, it speaks of style, grace and personal commitment to customer satisfaction."

~ Shirley Odorico, Tinton Falls, NJ


"Marcie is a scientist and a poet, committed to making this world more peaceful through the gift of chocolate...When you taste MarcieSweets Chocolate you are instantly transported to an angelic chocolate dreamworld: It holds its own next to the dark chocolate found in exotic chocolate boutiques of Paris, Rome or New York."

~ Alain Cohen, Professor UC San Diego


"I have to share one of my finds: If you are a chocolate lover, I seriously suggest you try some of MarcieSweets chocolate, as it is absolutely divine and to my great surprise, really healthy...So with the wonderful truth about chocolate finally revealed, you need to get your mitts on some of MarcieSweets chocolate. I love her chocolate chips - they are fantastic for kids and I love “The Secret” for an afternoon snack: a blend of macadamia nuts, chocolate chips and raisins (all organic)."

~Sophie Uliano, Author of "Gorgeously Green"