Organic Dark Choclate

Our Sweet Story

MarcieSweets began with the promise of bringing healthier, tastier and socially conscious chocolate products to the market. Now, more than eleven years later, we have kept that promise and are proudly in several retail outlets.

January 2017

Today MommySweets suggested I go to Pier 1 Imports to look for dishes for the new MarcieSweets kitchen. After entering the store, I was greeted by a lovely sales associate. We talked about dishes, couches, and the like, and then somehow we started talking about chocolate. She mentioned that her father, who passed away a few years ago, was the avid chocolate lover of the family. She also shared with me that since his passing she has blessed his memory by eating and enjoying chocolate (what a beautiful thought!). Coincidentally, I had a gold-foil bag of chocolate with me that I was planning to give to one of our buyers - I had been carrying it around while I perused the store. I suddenly had a strong feeling that this particular bag of chocolate was actually meant for this kind lady who had been assisting me.

I love the thought that we connect all loved ones (not just the physical ones) through chocolate. I hope they both enjoy the sweets!

January 2016

We had a wonderful friend visit us from the east coast, Breanna from The Organic Cookie Company. She started out as a customer, and in just a few short months became a close friend - a soul sister. What a special way to start the year, with chocolate and good friends!

November 2015

Wow. It's the holiday season again, and what a beautiful time of the year! Fall - a time of change, and MarcieSweets is changing too. First, we have a new product for our bakers. We now carry an organic dutched cocoa powder in bulk. It's a perfect addition for this baking season.

MarcieSweets products are also now certified Kosher Parve. We're very excited to have this new certification.

As far as the claw foot tub on the property, the carrot seeds we planted earlier this year turned into beautiful carrots and an Anise Swallowtail caterpillar family moved in. We were thrilled! We watched one become a chrysalis and then into a butterfly. It was truly magical.

March 2015

At the home of MarcieSweets, the fruit trees are in full bloom. As you walk to the front door, the grapefruit blossoms smell divine. The macadamia tree has hundreds of blossoms, and it's absolutely beautiful! The Surinam cherry tree is full of ripe cherries. They are such a delicious fruit. It seems the natural approach to growing is working for these trees. With just a little water and a few words of encouragement, we have an amazing garden.

Our group has been pondering what to do with a claw foot tub that is on the property. After much discussion, we decided to make it a carrot tub. We filled it with great soil and planted a rainbow blend of carrot seeds. Carrots paired with chocolate?? Hmmm. I'll keep you posted.

November 2014

Our chocolates are being used in creative, new ways by businesses nationwide - from cookies, to confections, to chilli, to craft beer. Yum.

December 2013

This year MarcieSweets was like a flower blooming, and we start the new year with a feeling of gratitude. We feel so blessed that we have such wonderful customers - many of whom have become good friends. We're excited about the fun we will have in 2014 enjoying life and sharing chocolate!

April 2013

MarcieSweets has a new home! Our new and larger facility is centrally located in beautiful San Diego. We love it here! The property already has a dozen fruit trees, including peach, plum and lime. We added a couple passion fruit vines, and we just planted a rose bush and some berries. Soon, we will start our veggies. Our intent is to create a facility which will be self-sustaining. We're on the right path!

December 2012

This was another exciting year for MarcieSweets. We embraced the idea that there must be empty space for something new to arrive. With this in mind, we changed our company structure - a rebirth has occurred.

Happy Holidays, and may your new year be filled with love, joy and chocolate!

December 2011

Marcie travels to Peru! She has the opportunity to visit cacao farms and speak with cacao growers in the Amazonas region. She also meets with conservation group leaders and discussions center on what can be done to assist these farmers and protect the land in this remote area of northern Peru. What an experience!

November 2011

Marcie is honored to be the guest speaker at the San Diego Cinema Society...the topic, Chocolate!

May 2011

MarcieSweets is proud to participate in Where the Wild Things Are - Food & Wine Classic, an annual fundraiser for the Chula Vista Nature Center. What a great cause!

December 2010

This month wraps up another beautiful year. 2010 taught us to celebrate change, to embrace opportunity, to enjoy the adventure, and to always be thankful for the miracles that occur every day.

October 2010

San Diego's favorite chocolate appears in Ocean Beach People's Co-op. Managers such as Mike and Crystal bring passion and dedication to the sustainability movement. They inspire us and we are proud to be part of it!

September 2010

Peruvian Dark makes its arrival in Henry's Farmers Markets bringing the delicious taste of organic chocolate to dozens of new communities and thousands of new dark chocolate lovers.

December 2009

MarcieSweets expands into handcrafted chocolate confections. They made their debut at a gala holiday event held at the world-famous Hotel Del Coronado.

We proudly complete another year with more MarcieSweets products in more locations than ever before. We continue to bring smiles to faces as we follow our dream of Connecting People through Chocolate.

April 2009

MarcieSweets hand-crafted chocolate bars make their debut. The all-chocolate Peruvian Bar and the macadamia-filled Irresistible Bar represent a new, delicious way to enjoy MarcieSweets. So good!

December 2008

It's turning out to be another exciting and eventful year for MarcieSweets, with our chocolates available across southern California and with new opportunities emerging every day. We started this company to Connect People through Chocolate, and we are very much enjoying doing just that.

July 2008

San Diego's popular Jimbo's Naturally markets begin offering MarcieSweets products in their self-serve bulk departments, making our organic and fair-trade chocolate available to more people than ever before.

Whole Foods Market honors MarcieSweets by including us in their Whole Trade Guarantee program. A portion of all MarcieSweets sales are contributed to The Whole Planet Foundation, which funds micro credit loans around the world.

April 2007

One evening Marcie is enjoying shopping with friends at Whole Foods market in La Jolla, California. She meets a friendly employee there and casually asks, “How does one get a new product into Whole Foods?”  “Give it to me,” replies the kind man. We learn in time that Doug is the store manager. MarcieSweets takes its place on the store's shelves in July 2007.

January 2007

MarcieSweets starts to flow; generous people offer their talents and gifts, donations and media attention.

We enter into the grocery arena, debuting at Seaside Market. Here we introduce our and Perfect Synergy blends along with our 65% Peruvian Dark chips to grocery shoppers. Our new earth-friendly chocolates are a hit!

Summer 2006

We begin attending festivals and developing our own organic chocolate products. One day Marcie's good friend Brian grabs a handful of our chocolate chips in one hand and a handful of nuts in the other, alternately nibbling out of each hand. This leads to an epiphany: Why not combine the two?

December 2005

One evening Marcie and her friends are sitting on her living room floor, exploring ways to realize their shared dream of promoting sustainable farming and supporting other cultures. The inspiration comes...chocolate!

A suggestion was made to operate under the name MarcieSweets. Yet Marcie wants a name with very special meaning and asks her good friend Diana for her thoughts. Diana helps Marcie realize that the company is an expression of who she is, and that a person's name, since it's given at birth, is sacred and the most meaningful name the company could have.

Doorway to Discovery Inc. begins doing business as MarcieSweets.

February 2005

The company incorporates under the name Doorway to Discovery since this business is just that, a doorway to adventure and a discovery of our life's purpose.

August 2004

Marcie takes a big step, saying farewell to her employer in order to plunge full time into the development of a new health-oriented company. The firm’s first office is a modest computer desk in her living room in the lovely seaside town of Solana Beach, CA.


To Our Special Friends

MarcieSweets would like to thank Diana Dayton for her guidance; Jay Watts and Satomi Yoshida for their creativity and design work; Sean Taylor; Our families and friends for their support and encouragement; Straykitty and Cheyenne for the love; and our treasured customers.